Sports and Remedial Massage in Clifton, Bristol

Hello, I’m Lucy Dawkins, I’m a massage and bodywork practitioner and the owner of Be Complete Massage.

  • If you’re feeling stressed or depressed, suffering from anxiety or in physical pain, I might be able to help you to feel better.
  • Is your body aching as if it feels in need of some care?
  • Is this stopping you from getting on with your day to day life?

I can help release this tension through a deep tissue massage treatment and get you on the road to recovery!

I’m also teaming up this with fellow massage therapist Karoona from Holistic Cocoon this Mother’s Day to offer you a Luxury Treatment for Two which will take place in one of our therapy rooms in the Clifton and Cotham Practice Rooms!

About Be Complete Massage

I called my company ‘Be Complete Massage’ because my clients have often said to me that they feel more ‘complete’ at the end of the session. Whether this is physically, mentally, spiritually or on an emotional level you could be more complete and authentic.

Massage can help you not just in a physical way but also on a mental and emotional plain.

Sports and Deep Tissue Massage Treatments in Bristol

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About Lucy

I love giving massage treatments and it is a great feeling to help you and also for you to leave the massage treatment feeling more enlightened as to what the root of your problem is.

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Please contact me for more information or to book in.