Massage Therapy in Central Bristol

Online appointments now available!

Due to the Governments “stay at home” during the Covid-19 outbreak, I cannot see you in person.

I am offering online appointments to help you during this time.

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Information about online appointments

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, I am only able see see clients online.

As I want to continue with the care of my current clients and I would like to help new clients, I’m offering you comprehensive consultations and assessments virtually online via video call followed by thorough advice and exercises in order to meet your needs and to help you with any pain or tension you may have.

The advice and exercises will be uniquely tailored to your needs.

For example, they may be stretches or strengthening exercises or personalised advice if you are in acute pain.

I am also running a special offer currently which is a 30 minute online appointment and a 60 minute massage treatment for only £38!!

I will be sending you a voucher for the 60 minute massage treatment so that you can redeem it once I am able to see you in person.

You can book and pay for this special offer below in the booking section.

What to expect

A secure and private video link which will be emailed to you ahead of your appointment as well as an online consultation and consent form.

During your first appointment, I’ll take a detailed health history, ask you questions about your lifestyle and I may ask you to perform some movements in order to ascertain the root cause of your problem.

I will then give you advice on self treatment which may involve a plan of self massage, hot and cold therapy or various stretches and exercises you can do to help to relieve your pain or tension. These are also aimed to help stop the problem recurring.

I may also ask you to perform the stretches and/or exercises to make sure you are performing them correctly too.

I can also share my screen so that you can see the videos and/or images of these exercises and I can also send you the exercises via email.

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