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Covid-19 Information

Hello everyone, we are so excited that we can re-open again as we’ve missed giving treatments a lot!

Thank you very much for being so patient regarding our re-opening.

We’ve obviously had a lot to do to make sure the clinic is safe and adheres to all of the government’s rules and policies regarding our close contact business.

So, here goes:

  • Please book directly online or contact us by email or by phone if you wish.
  • We will arrange a suitable time and day with you to conduct a telephone consultation and assessment before your treatment as we need to minimize the time we spend with you physically.
  • You will be emailed a covid-19 pre-screening form near the time of your treatment.
  • Please come alone to your treatment if possible.
  • Please wait outside the clinic when you arrive for your treatment or if you arrive early (unless the reception area has nobody in there) until we come to collect you. This is because we need to minimize the amount of people inside the clinic at the same time.
  • Please wear a mask on arrival and it is your choice if you would like to wear one during the treatment.
  • Please use antibacterial gel at the entrance and when you leave.
  • We will be wearing full PPE, which is a visor, mask, apron and gloves.
  • We will provide a sterilized container for you to put your clothes and belongings into.
  • Clients that fall into the NHS high- risk groups will need to re-arrange at a later date, until further notice and moderate risk groups will be treated at our discretion.
  • If you feel unwell please stay at home and we will reschedule your appointment for another time.
  • We will not be charging cancellation fees for the foreseeable.
  • Ideally payments should be taken via our online booking system or by card.
  • There will be a 30 minute gap in between clients to ensure the space is appropriately ventilated and all hygiene protocols completed.

We thank you again immensely for your compliance and patience during this unprecedented time and we look forward to seeing you soon! x

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